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Hospice Experience: 2 year

Why did you choose to serve in hospice? Working as an RN for 4 years, I saw so many end-of-life experiences that lacked appropriate knowledge and education. I became driven to learn more about palliative care and helping my patients and families have an end-of-life experience they desired.  I wanted to make sure their wishes were met, they were comfortable, and the patients and the families were well taken care of.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the SouthEast Hospice family? I began my career at Southeast in September or 2020 and I can honestly say I have found my calling.  I love my job, my patients, and my coworkers. I have never been a part of such an amazing team – they are truly selfless.  Each person brings a special skill set to the table to ensure our patients and family the best care out there.

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